Weight Loss Slimming Tea – with Product comparison Chart

Tea that can be used for weight loss and are known to make you slim is slimming tea. Functions of the slimming tea for weight loss are as below:

  1. It stimulates digestion,
  2. Suppresses appetite,
  3. Improves metabolism and
  4. Helps body to release toxins.

Additionally, slim tea helps in reducing the risk of cancer, stroke and regulates cholesterol and blood pressure. Its property of detoxification helps to reduce skin related problems like acne, eczema, blemishes, dull skin etc.

Now you want to know how it works in the perspective of weight loss.

How it works?

Polyphenols and catechins are the compounds found in green tea are antioxidants that help to burn fats. These compounds also help to flush out toxins from the body.

After flushing out toxins, metabolism are getting improved that result in burning more calories of the body.

Slim tea sheds extra fats stored on the body with the help of natural ingredients like green tea extract, ginger etc.

It also has the property of appetite suppressant that prevents you from overeating and helps to manage weight loss.

Do you know what are the types of slimming tea? That is here!

Types of Slimming Tea

Following are the 6 types of tea that are used to lose excess fat of the body:

  1. Green Tea
  2. Puerh Tea
  3. Oolong Tea
  4. Herbal Tea
  5. Black Tea
  6. White Tea

Some customers have reported its side effect that is also admitted by FDA.

Side Effects

Some slimming teas contain senna, a natural laxative. The FDA also stated that, there have been reports of problems associated with drinking slimming teas, containing senna.

Users of slimming tea contains senna are likely to experience cramps, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine claims these are expected side effects of senna, but they also state: “Don’t use senna for more than two weeks. Longer use can cause the bowels to stop functioning normally and might cause dependence on laxatives. Long-term use can also change the amount or balance of some chemicals in the blood (electrolytes) that can cause heart function disorders, muscle weakness, liver damage, and other harmful effects.”

Effectiveness of Slimming Tea

Some users of slim tea have reported that it is very effective on weight loss. However, more researches are needed for its effectiveness and side effects. It is my advice, that if any health problem arises after taking slim tea, consult your doctor and ask whether it can be continued or not.

Manufacturers of slimming tea generally do claim for their products as highly effective. Some products contain artificial flavoring substance, sweetener, color and preservatives that are harmful for you.

For your convenience, I have prepared the following comparison chart of effective slim tea products that has got good rating from the consumers. It will help you to wisely invest your money for the best product.

Sl. No.Slimming TeaWeight / Tea bagCertificationIngredientsRating
The Indian Chai - Slimming Healthy Green Tea100gFSSAIGarcinia Cambogia, Terminalia Chebula, Senna leaves, Piper longum, Nettle leaves, Turmeric root, Organic lemongrass leaves, Organic moringa leaves, Rose petals, Organic peepermint leaves, Organic hibiscus flower, Organic stevia leaves, Lemon peels, Cinnamon, Cumin seed, Ginger, Black pepper, Cardamom and Green tea. Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavour, Weight Watcher, Suitable for Diabetics 4.5
Tea Aroma Slimming Tea with 18 Natural Herbs Including Garcinia Cambogia100g-Sea Buckthorn & Garcinia Cambogia, Cinnamon, Senna leaves, Lemon peel, Moringa Leaves, Stevia Leaves, Hibiscus4.3
Kayos Teatox with Garcinia Cambogia and Oolong Tea100gFSSAIGarciniaCambogia, Oolong Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger & Coleus. Fat Free, No Artificial Flavour, No Preservatives, Gluten Free4.7
HealthKart Slim Tea (Honey Lemon flavor)200gFSSAI, HACCPMaltodextrin, Fructose, Citric acid, Honey powder, Caffeine, Garcinia Cambogia extract, Green coffee extract, Green Tea extract, Orange Pekoe extract, Vitamins and Minerals. Added natural flavouring substance, Artificial sweetener. No added colour, No added preservatives.4.3
Organic India The Tulsi Green Tea100gUSDA NOP, FSSAIGreen tea, Rama tulsi, Krishna tulsi, vana tulsi 4.8
Jarved Slimming Tea: Lemongrass and Green Tea50gUSDA NOP and India NPOP Green tea leaves, Lamongrass leaves. free of preservatives, flavorings and other artificial products. No Insecticides, No Pesticides, No Chemicals, No Genetically Modified Seeds4.8
APEX Slimming & Detox Tea Blend of Natural Herbs & 100% Organic Green Tea 25bags-Garcinia, Ashwagandha, Senna leaves, Senna Pods, Fennel, Hibiscus and Organic Green Tea4.2
Himalaya Ayur Lemon Flavour Slim Tea60bags-Methi, Green tea, Lemon4.2
Jarved Organic Whole Leaf Assam Green Tea: Herbal Detox and Slimming Tea100gUSDA NOP and India NPOP Green Tea. No Insecticides, No Pesticides, No Chemicals, No Genetically Modified Seeds, No Insecticides, No Pesticides, No Chemicals, No Genetically Modified Seeds4.7
Typhoo Detoxing Organic Slim Tea40bagsUSDA NOPFennel, liquorice, lemongrass, senna leaves, Cinnamon and psyllium husk4.3
Teatox Life Detox Herbal Tea and Colon Cleanse Bloating Relief25bags-Green tea, Amla, Harde, Baheda, Senna leaves, Stivea leaves. No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavour and colour, No Added Sugar, Fat Free, Gluten Free,4.2

Change Your Food Culture

Overweight and obesity are the health condition that arise when you take more calories by food than you burn by your daily activities. Therefore, for weight loss, it is necessary to take fewer calories than you are burning.

Try to avoid junk foods and control the use of sweet and beverages. Choose foods with good unsaturated fats, limit foods that are high in saturated fat and avoid trans fats.

If you are maintaining your diet with some exercise and using slim tea, you will get the better results.

If you have any question related to this post or want to say something, please feel free to drop you comments below. I would be happy to hear from you.

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