Best protein for weight loss in women

Proteins provide as much energy density as carbohydrate. The most important aspect and defining characteristic of protein from a nutritional standpoint is its amino acid composition. Proteins are essential nutrients for the human body. They are one of the building blocks of body tissues and can also serve as a fuel source. The best protein for weight loss in women is essentially loaded with the nine essential amino acids.

When we want to lose our extra weight, it is advised to lowering carbohydrate intake to extremely low level and increasing protein and healthy fats to compensate the calorie requirements.

Some foods are naturally very high in protein and its regular consumption leads to boost weight loss.

The common protein rich foods are as below:

You are taking protein rich food but if it not fulfills your protein requirement as per your diet, then taking protein supplements would be the right choice.

When you don’t have time or access to a whole protein, such as meat, cottage cheese or fish, protein powder is a quick and convenient alternative. Mix a scoop into water, milk or juice and shake to incorporate; alternatively, blend protein powder into a smoothie, add to oatmeal or stir into yogurt.

Protein is the building block for muscle development and growth, and even just for a healthy lifestyle but its adequate quantity in your diet helps to speed up your weight loss.

Getting enough protein is essential to weight loss. It helps keep you feeling full and prevents spikes in your blood sugar, which often induce cravings. Protein also takes slightly more energy for your body to digest than fat and carbohydrates.

As you cut calories and exercise, an adequate protein intake supports the maintenance of lean muscle mass.

Weight loss happens when you create a calorie deficit, or burn more calories than you consume. If you do this without exercise, your body often uses your valuable lean tissue for fuel and much of the weight you lose is muscle mass. Consuming enough protein as part of your daily meals helps discourage this effect.

Protein powder as a supplement equally benefits men as well as women. But the manufacturer generally makes protein for women are loaded with 9 essential amino acids and probiotics that are very essential for healthy gut and overall health.

Getting more protein than the recommended dietary allowance is often beneficial for overweight people trying to shed pounds. The protein RDA is 0.8 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. A protein intake between 1.2 – 2.2 gram per kg of body weight daily, or 25–35% of total daily calories, seems most beneficial for weight loss.

Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Following are the best recommended protein powder supplements for women:

1. As-It-Is Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (Unflavoured)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Quantity: 1000 gram

My Rating: 4.6  out of 5


Whey protein is the most popular protein powder today. A review of nine studies found that overweight or obese people who supplemented with whey protein lost more weight and gained more muscle mass than those who didn’t.

It is also reported that whey protein users also experienced significant improvements in blood pressure, blood sugar control and cholesterol levels.

These weight loss benefits stem mainly from whey protein’s ability to decrease appetite, making you feel fuller throughout the day.

“As-it-is Nutrition Whey Protein Powder” has been minimally processed to ensure you get maximum protein and nutrients, as preserved in their original form.

You will get only clean and pure powder, without any fillers or preservatives. Each serving of 30G contains 24g protein and 5.4g Bcaa.

This product is vegetarian and passed by third party (FSSAI and GMP) check.

2. Tuff Up Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (Unflavoured)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Quantity: 1000 gram

My Rating: 4.5  out of 5


Tuff Up raw whey is whey in its most natural form without any added flavours and sweeteners.

Each scoop of Tuff Up raw whey gives 24g of protein with no added sugars. Moreover, Tuff Up raw whey provides flexibility of Usage with its unsweetened and unflavoured form.

Now add protein to your smoothies and cakes and go on to build muscles in the most cleanest way like never before.

This product is certified by FSSAI and GMP.

3. HealthOxide Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein 80% (Raw & Unflavored)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Quantity: 250 gram

My Rating: 4.5  out of 5


Casein is a milk protein which is digested much slower than whey but shares many of its weight loss properties. The slow digestion rate of casein help you eat less by decreasing your appetite. Casein is also a great source of calcium.

A study result suggested that casein may be superior to whey protein only when taken 30 instead of 90 minutes before a meal.

This product, “HealthOxide Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein” is unflavoured, raw and pure. It is free from preservatives and fillers.

This product is also certified by FSSAI and GMP.

4. Myfitfuel Micellar Casein (Unflavored)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Quantity: 1000 gram

My Rating: 4.4  out of 5


Myfitfuel Micellar Casein is very slow to digest and provides continuous supply of protein to muscles which helps to repair, grow and get stronger. It’s naturally anti catabolic property helps to reduce the muscle breakdown & increases the overall muscle repair. Its slow release property make it ideal for the night time protein or for the in between protein.

Every serving provides high amount of protein & taking in right required quantity helps to increase the overall muscle mass. Benefits of Micellar Casein – Pure casein derived from fresh milk. – Micellar casein helps to get stronger muscles and increases the overall muscle mass.

Ultra Slow Digesting Casein Protein provides amino acid release upto 6-8 hours.

It provides naturally occurring 4.7gm BCAA, 4.6gm Glutamine in every serving of unflavored variant and Complete Amino profile with high amount of naturally occurring amino acids.

All essential amino acids individually plays different role in our body from helping stronger immunity to faster muscle repair.

It contains No Added Sugar and No cheap thickeners or fillers, No artificial color, No Dairy Whiteners, No Soy Protein, No Skim Milk Powder, No Color, No Artificial Flavor, No Preservatives added.

This product is certified by FSSAI.

5. Myfitfuel Plant Soy Protein Isolate 90 (Unflavored)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Quantity: 1000 gram

My Rating: 4.5  out of 5


Soy protein is a plant-based proteins that contains all nine essential amino acids necessary for human health. It has also appetite suppresant quality that helps in weight loss.

It provides 32.7 g Protein on “Dry basis”, 31 g Protein on “As is basis” in every serving of MFF Soy Protein Isolate 90 Unflavored variant. It also provides 5.6 gm BCAA’s, 5.9 gm Glutamine & 11.9 gm of naturally occurring Essential Amino Acids in every scoop of Unflavored variant.

There is no thickeners or Fillers added in this product. No additional Taurine, Glycine or any ingredient added which could lead to Protein Spiking. No Dairy Whiteners, No Skim Milk Powder, No Sugar, No Color, No Artificial Flavor or Preservatives added in this product.

This product is certified by FSSAI.

More protein for Weight loss

Protein powder was highly recommended to people who want to build muscle but research conducted in recent years, reported that high intake of protein, 25–35% of total daily calories, seems most beneficial for weight loss.

The protein powder in its pure form without additional thickener, filler, sugar, artificial flavor and color gives better result. Suggestive products shown here are in its pure form with no such additives keeping your requirements in mind so that you can get the optimum results.

Whey protein and Casein protein are milk products and found to be more beneficial for weight loss but if you do not like to go for milk product, plant based Soy protein also gives the good result in weight loss goal.

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  1. Thanks for this educative post. As a woman I cherish all well researched articles like this. The information here is with a million dollar. We often times than not ignore the importance of protein in a woman’s diet as it helps to fight overweight. Thanks for the article once again .

  2. Weight loss us a global issue for a lot of individuals around the world. People have had to resort to even the the meanest diet to tackle overweight issues. It’s very vital to deal with this because, being overweight can lead to certain health issues such as diabetes and hypertension. I always believe that proteins are body building food, I’m really surprised to know that proteins can help in weight loss. 

  3. Amod, thanks for sharing these great review in these helpful products. I know this article will really be an answered to many people question on protein for weight loss including me. I totally agree that protein powder is highly recommended to people who want to build muscle but research conducted in recent years, reported that high intake of protein, 25–35% of total daily calories, seems most beneficial for weight loss. I will like to get the Tuff Up Raw Whey Protein for myself as I discovered some weight loss recently. Hope is still available on amazon?

    • Thanks Topazdude for your comments! You will get the good health and achieve your weight goal by using these products.

  4. Who would’ve thought that protein could help with weight loss? So often, we tend to focus on our calory intakes, etc. 
    This article has opened my eyes to the possibility of using the right protein levels to lose weight healthily in conjunction with a good eating and exercise plan.

    The products reviewed here are top-notch and I look forward to ordering my first packet soon! Thanks for such an informative article, Amod!

  5. Thanks for writing this article on on protein for weight loss in woman. I must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this article and also bringing in best protein supplement for for Wright loss in woman. From experience woman are the always very watchful of there weight and always like to loss weight more than man due to the fact that they always like to look nice, stylish, beautiful in physical look. Having one of this protein supplement at hand or home is very essential for ladies I must say, I will like to recommend one of it to my girlfriend 

    • Thanks ajibola for your comments! I am sure, these protein powders will help your girlfriend to get the good health and physique.

  6. Hi there Amod

    Some interesting points about protein supplements that I was not aware of. I never thought of using protein powder as a means of losing weight, I thought it was more for building muscle or replacing protein in muscles after doing strenuous exercise. I was aware of whey protein but not the other types. 

  7. hi Amod, your review about the product for weight loss in women is really a solution to every woman who is a facing this problem but i want to ask what about man do we also need it, while i was reading your post a female colleagues testify that the product is really good, i have bookmarked your website in case you have any thing for men also regarding this protein issues.

    • Thanks boluwagg for your comments!

      The protein powder that works for women, also good for men. Protein powder required for women are need to be loaded with nine essential amino acids.

  8. Hi. This is a logical recommendation. Lowering the quantity of carbohydrates we consume and eating more proteins to meet our daily requirements is the way to go for weight loss.

    But in our very busy lives, we can be aided with protein powders. I have been reading some reviews and HealthOxide Pure Raw Micellar Casein Protein has a good reputation. I’m glad you have also mentioned it here. I’ll take this one.

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